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Get In Shape at Any Age!

With our One-Time Setup you will receive:

  • A written training plan: the exercises, the sets, the reps
  • Cardio workouts are carefully timed, though sometimes there may not be any
  • Calorie and macro breakdown by day, designed to fit your lifestyle​
    • Eat the foods you want, in amounts that will help you reach your goals
      • protein to help you build and maintain lean muscle
      • healthy fats
      • carbs to fuel training and an active lifestyle
  • Your supplementation plan will be curated taking into account your goals and what you have available.

​With a Coaching Plan you will subscribe to continuous coaching and adjustments based on:​

  • regular progress pictures
  • weekly updates and feedback on
    • your mood
    • the workouts
    • your energy levels
  • honest reports on how well you are doing
    • following your calories
    • performing cardio
    • sleeping

Everyone is different. Your body type, how long you’ve been training, and how well you respond to food, training, cardio, and supplementation make a huge difference! The more detailed, blunt, and honest you are with your initial questionnaire the better start we will have. Yes, I say WE! When you work with me, we are in this together.

We will make continuous adjustments to keep you moving toward your goals. Over time your plan will be adjusted and polished until it fits perfectly with your lifestyle, abilities, and goals.

What to Expect After Signing Up

In order to sign up, you’ll be redirected to my coaching platform, WeStrive. Click on the Apply button and you will choose your plan and fill out an Initial Client Questionnaire.

The form is detailed, so plan on spending a bit of time filling this out.

As soon as I receive your completed form, I’ll email and let you know that I’m going to work!

If you choose the One Time Setup, you’ll receive your full plan within 48 hours.

If you choose one-on-one coaching, we’ll schedule a 15-minute onboarding call to make sure I have all the information I need, and we’ll begin creating your plan together.

Not Sure Which Plan is Right for You?

No worries! Email me to schedule a free phone consultation and we’ll figure out what will work best for you.

Email me! [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Exercise Blueprint Program personal or is it a “Cookie-Cutter” plan?

Every program is handwritten by Matt Walter, CPT, CSC, CHN. After signing up you will be sent a detailed questionnaire to complete. These questions will include your fitness past and your current goals. You’ll be asked what equipment you have access to, what exercises you hate, and your body proportions so I know what exercises to prescribe. When do you get up? When can you work out? Are you dealing with any current Injuries? I need to know a lot so that I can build you a one-of-a-kind program. 

What Information is needed from me to sign up?

After you sign up you will fill out a questionnaire to help me get started personalizing your program. You’ll answer questions related to your fitness history and current goals. You’ll be asked about any injuries you may currently have overcome. You’ll also be asked to take some pictures of your current condition. Based on the questions, your weight, and pictures I will have everything I need to begin creating a custom program. If I need additional information, I’ll email the address you used to sign up. 

What is included in the plan?

We cover all possible areas of Fitness to help keep you on track. We’ll start from the macro, and work down to the micro. You’re busy, so sending you an hour-by-hour plan for your day is probably unrealistic. Instead, we design calories, macros, training, and cardio to fit your lifestyle. There’s no point signing up for a plan that you can’t, or won’t, follow. Every aspect is detailed but easy to understand. And if something is confusing or not working…you have me! I’m only an email away and I’m here for you!

Will this plan work for anyone?

Yes! Whether you have been working out for years, used to work out a ton, or are brand new, we will work together to reach your goals. My plans work best for someone who has a clear goal in mind but is not sure about the details to get there. Someone who is ready to take control of the journey but needs a map and a guide. 

What is included with the One-Time Setup?

This plan is ideal for someone who has a good handle on the gym but wants a map or a different perspective. After signup you will still answer all the intake questions and submit progress photos, then Matt will create a custom program. This plan will be what Matt feels is the best approach to achieving your goal. Nutrition recommendations, supplementation, Cardio, and Full Training Split and Routine will be provided. The only difference here is you will not have the options for revisions or for communication with Matt past the initial setup. 

If I sign up for a coaching plan will I have access to Matt directly to ask questions? 

Yes! As a client, your program and weekly check-ins are written and reviewed by Matt. Each week, Matt will make any necessary adjustments to your plan to keep you moving toward your goal. Have Questions? Email Matt directly! He’ll personally get back to you. If a concern needs more than an email, Matt will set up a time for a phone call. We’re in this together and we want to make sure you have everything you need to reach your goal!

Do you offer meal plans?

Not as such. I don’t believe meal plans allow enough flexibility to be realistic. I want you to learn how to eat, eat the foods that work best for your body and lifestyle, and not feel like you failed because you didn’t follow through on the exact foods I listed for you to eat. Instead, I partner with Lose It!. Check out this video to see exactly how you and I will use this app to help you reach your goals.