The Slant Board Guy Review: Worth the Money?

By Matt Walter
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The Slant Board Guy Review

I first saw the Slant Board Guy’s wooden slant board on an Instagram Post by Marcus Filly. I’ve recommended heels-elevated and cyclist squats to clients for years, but was curious to try out a board with such a seemingly extreme angle.

Here’s my review after more than a year of owning and using this slant board.

Key Takeaways

  • The Slant Board offers unique benefits for both fitness enthusiasts and individuals undergoing physical therapy.
  • It is a valuable tool for improving knee strength and refining squatting techniques, especially for those with longer legs.
  • The quality and stability of the board justify its higher price point, making it a long-term investment.
  • The non-slip surface provides safety during many different movements.
  • While the simplicity of the board may not warrant its higher price for everyone, it is a valuable piece of equipment for those looking to change things up or emphasize quad development.
  • Additional shipping fees may be a deterrent for some buyers, especially those outside of the board’s country of origin.
  • The Slant Board has become a staple in many fitness routines due to its effectiveness and durability. So, it’s a worthwhile investment for those committed to their physical health and well-being.
Slant Board Guy - Slant Board

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Slant Board Guy Specs

The Slant Board Guy slant board has an optimized 30 degree angle.
  • Dimensions: 19.6” x 12.6” x 5.9”
  • Angle: 30-degree angle
  • Weight Capacity: 880 lbs
  • Material: Structural wood with a “sandpapery” anti-slip tape on top and back


Original unboxing of the Slant Board Guy Slant Board

The first thing that stood out was the Thank You card and vinyl stickers that came in the packaging. Not many companies go the extra mile these days. This definitely stood out!

I order a lot of stuff. I appreciate good packaging and getting my gear without defects due to shipping. But few companies that I order from do this! It only costs a couple of extra cents per item, and the time to drop the stickers and Thank You card in the box is negligible, but it means something to me.

The Slant Board Guy goes the extra mile for their customers

Gymreapers and Ironmaster do this as well.

When I unboxed the Slant Board Guy slant board, the first thing that stood out was how solid the board was.

The non-slip surface gives a top-notch, reliable grip during squats, making us feel secure and locked in place. It’s surprisingly lightweight despite its sturdy build, which means bringing it along to the gym or moving it around the house isn’t a chore.

I’ve noticed it does make a substantial difference in squatting technique, and people have mentioned improvements in their knee strength and overall squat performance. Some skeptics have questioned the price point, but after extensive use, the quality and benefits it brings make it a worthy investment and indeed a gym essential.

However, remember to manage expectations as this tool is not a one-stop cure for knee issues, but a well-made aid for exercise routines. The vibrant teal color adds a nice aesthetic compared to the usual fitness equipment. It’s not just about looks; this squat board genuinely feels like a durable piece of kit that will withstand intense workouts over time.

Non-Slip Surface for Stability

The surface of the Slant Board Guy Slant Board is incredibly grippy. I feel safe on it every time I use it!

The strength of the grip tape on this board really stands out. The last thing you want is to adjust your feet several times each set. Or, worse yet, not be able to push yourself because you’re worried you’re going to slip!

You want to be as stable as possible when performing sets so that you can produce maximum force each rep. The non-slip surface on the Slant Board will allow you to do that.

So far, whether I’ve trained with or without weights, slipping hasn’t been an issue. I also use this board for a bunch of different exercises and haven’t had any slipping problems.

The surface of the Slant Board Guy slant board is incredibly grippy
I’ve had this board for more than a year at the time of this picture, and I use it a lot. The grip tape has held up really well.

On the flip side, the rough texture might be tough on bare feet. You’re not going to slip! But it’s probably not going to be overly comfortable either.

I don’t train barefoot. Not my style. I love training shoes (I have a bit of a problem!), and I just don’t see the benefit. If you like to train barefoot, I’m sure you’ll be able to with this board, and your feet are probably built to handle the brought texture if you’ve been training barefoot for a while.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The non-slip surface is an essential feature, which allows you to focus on your form and intensity without worrying about stability. And the logo color choices add aesthetic, but it’s the sturdy construction of the materials that truly impresses me.

In my training experience so far with this squat board, it has stood up to every workout I’ve thrown at it. It’s constructed from durable wood with an additional center support beam and comfortably supports up to 880 pounds. Which means I can squat with as much weight as I want.

Portable and Lightweight Design

Given its decently compact size and relatively lightweight feel, it’s easy to maneuver and store without compromising on quality or strength. I’m not carrying this to the gym with me, but for a piece of home gym equipment, it’s amazing.

For most of the year, I train in my garage; it’s too cold, wet, snowy, and rainy in the Pacific Northwest to train outside most of the year. But I take advantage of our summer months and love to train outside when I can.

For how durable it is, it’s surprisingly lightweight. I easily cart this slant board out to my yard or driveway to perform dumbbell or body weight squats. The bottom of the board is uncovered, making it easy to grab and haul with one hand.

It’s kind of nuts that at a weight of just 2.8 kilograms (6.1 pounds), it’s able to combine portability with the ability to support up to 450 pounds.

Benefits of Using a Slant Board

There are some clear benefits to using a squat board in your training. Squat depth is one.

Stretch-mediated hypertrophy is the theory and concept that muscles receive a strong hypertrophy stimulus when they are stretched under load. This is why it’s important to train through a full range of motion, or at least train in the lengthened range of motion (go to the bottom a squat and then don’t stand fully upright instead of only going part way down and standing all the way up).

When you’re squatting, you want to get as deep as possible. The deeper you go, the more stretch you’ll get on your quads. In order to get into this deeply stretched position, you’re knees need to translate past your toes.

Slant Board KB Goblet Squat Bottom Position
KB Goblet Squat Bottom Position

This is also incredibly helpful for targeting the vastus medialis (VMO), the teardrop-shaped quad muscle by your knees. The VMO helps stabilize your kneecap and move your knee joint.

Not everyone can naturally get into this position. The length of your legs relative to your torso, hip structure, tightness, and injury history all play a role in how deep you can get into a squat.

Me, I’m very mobile and flexible. Getting into a deep squat is not an issue. But it’s very difficult for me to get into that position without hinging a lot at the waist, placing a lot of the emphasis of squatting movements on my lower back.

Raising my heels helps me stay upright.

This is why slant board squats are so great for quad growth! I get a huge pump out of these, and love using them as a finishing movement.

If you have tight ankles or hips, this is going to minimize that tightness and help you get significantly deeper than can without. You’ll notice a difference the first time you try these.

There is the old adage that letting your knees go past your toes is bad for them. That myth has been roundly debunked. In fact, getting deep by letting your knees go past your toes will help strengthen your knees and improve your overall knee health.

It’s a win-win.

If you’ve got knee pain, definitely give slant board squats a try. Start slow, but you’ll likely feel better almost immediately when compared to squatting flat on the floor. Over time, this should help and give you stronger knees.

I also regularly use this slant board for calf raises and tibialis raises. The board provides a deep stretch at the bottom position, enough grip that you won’t slip even during high rep sets, and is much harder than doing your calf raises on the stairs or floor.

For more on slant board squats, programming them, and a bunch of different slant board exercises you can do, check out this article.

Pros and Cons


I’ve owned the Slant Board Guy’s squat board for more than a year now. Here’s what stands out:

  • Solid Construction: The board’s robust build can endure heavy weight, which speaks volumes about its durability. When put to the test with various weights, it has exceeded my expectations for sturdiness and stability.
  • Impressive Grip: The non-slip surface is a huge plus. Whether squatting or performing dynamic movements, the anti-slip tape provides excellent traction, letting you feel secure and in control.
  • Knee-Friendly: This board will help you get into a deep squat position, getting around things like tight calves, ankles, hips, and femur:torso ratio disadvantages. This can help to enhance your overall knee health and longevity.
  • Portability: I appreciate how lightweight and easy to carry this board is. It has been a regular in my workout routine, whether I’m exercising indoors or taking my training outside.
  • Enhanced Exercises: This squat board enhances exercises like squats and calf stretches helping them to feel more effective. The incline angle helps me get into a deep squat without placing as much emphasis in my lower back, glutes, and hamstrings, placing the emphasis on squats on my quads where I want it.


Despite the perks, there are a couple of drawbacks:

  • Price Point: The cost might be a bit steep for some. I spend money on equipment, and would rather save up for quality than purchase pieces that aren’t going to last. In my opinion, the quality of this board justified the price.
  • Customs Charges: For my international friends, be aware that there might be additional customs fees which can add to the overall cost. This was a slight setback for us when considering the value.
  • Appearance of Simplicity: Upon first glance, the board is quite basic in design, and you might question its price. However, after using it, its simplicity is part of what makes this not only a high-quality piece of equipment but one that you’ll actually use regularly.
  • Single Height: Personally, this is actually a pro for me. I don’t want an adjustable height slant board. I’m sure those styles are fine, but I prefer not to worry about an adjustment slipping. Instead of going for one with an adjustable heel height, I’ll go for the stability of this one and then put my heels on some weight plates or wear squatting shoes for less steep incline.

Overall, the Slant Board Guy’s squat board has more pros than cons, with its sturdy build and exceptional grip standing out. While it may appear pricey initially, for me, the quality and functionality made it worthwhile.

Customer Reviews: Real Experiences

I’ve like to check reviews on equipment, both before and after I buy. Here are what I tend to see regularly from others who own this board:

Several users mention that the non-slip surface offers a feeling of stability that’s a cut above previous boards they’ve owned, crucial for safely and effectively training your leg muscles.

Users are also thrilled with the board’s positive impact on their squatting techniques. Particularly for those into skiing, the targeted knee strength development is a real winner.

However, I’ve come across a few mixed feelings concerning the price. For some, there was initial hesitation in making the investment. But after putting the board to use – especially post-surgery for conditions like ACL injuries – the consensus is that the quality justifies the cost. The robust construction suggests longevity even with frequent use, a big plus for fitness enthusiasts.

Now, not every review is singing praises. A user felt that the price was steeper than warranted, and on top of that, they faced high customs charges.


The Slant Board Guy’s squat board has been a regular in my training for more than a year. I love it as a finishing movement on quad days, or to add in some variety. I was initially a little hesitant about the price, but its quality, durability, and stability justify the cost.

The non-slip surface allows me to feel safe and focus on intensity when I use it. While the board is an investment, its durability so far has shown that it won’t need replacing anytime soon, making it a one-time purchase for long-term benefits.

However, everything has its downsides, and though minor, it’s worth mentioning that the board’s simplicity may not warrant its higher price tag for everyone. Also, the additional shipping fees, particularly international ones, can be a deterrent.

Overall, I find this slant board to be an indispensable ally for anyone looking to enhance their physical therapy regimen or intensify their leg workouts. It’s a sturdy piece of equipment that has easily become a staple in my training.

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